If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realize how special you are to me

      NOVEMBER 29 2011
dear my love ALIZA ,everyday i thinking of you everyday i fall in love with you everyday my life feel empty without you..god gave me you to complete my life. balik dalam perjalan dri kampungg ke kL syg txt yang u pergi jusco..ohh that time i start thinking thinking how can i make this to meet you.. seriusly dalam perjalan tu bie xtido2 hahe, sampai rumah kemas barang.. bie pn klua tawakal jla if dpt jmpe ke xdpt jmpe.. bie usaha dlu ..,
   time na pergi ke tmpt syg biee tgk jam xhenti2 hehe.. perasaan risau nervous smua ada ,lastly slamat smpai and i get to see youu .. aww im so happy. im totally crazy in love at youuu rse penat lapar smua hilang when i see you.. finally dpt lepas rindu.. btw ape yang bie bagi utk syg tu shawl xde la seberapa sangat i hope u can accept that ikhlas dari biee.. let u hand at my chest u fell my heartbeat'this heart just belong to you. trust our love- you my number one :)

''I love having this one special person who can make me smile when  at im worst, who can make me laugh just by saying 'i love you' , who can kiss me when i wants,  who can give me the best butterflies, and who i know will always be here for me. ♥''
if you always be beside me.. i never wait until tomorrow to hug you if i could hug you now.
we were just perfect together.