you my number one

I wanna wake up baby  see you sharing my bed you roll over start smilin girl i'ma cook you breakfast  I gotta say that you got my heart and your my answer when i reach upon a star, I dont need nobody else but you.
you know how much i love you.. i really wanna take u and fly up in the sky,just you and me:')
Ima let you play babe music in the car shorty you my favorite song your my baby kissing' on your neck & i don't even need permission cause your body's saying yes.I dont want share this with nobody else because your amazing that makes me wanna stay with you.. i just love you

God, i miss you so much 
baby please believe me,trust our LOVE.
cause u mean that much to me, i dont want be done 
i'm doing all i can to get you.
girl u know i told you i lovee you FOREVER.