do you know how much i love you :')

    each day all i see is your face all i need is your touch sayang :') hehehe everymorning i will senyum sorg2 tengok pic sayang . you make me crazy of you ..every time i get close to you ,you make me week with your love.sayangg u know what .. u the only girl in my life i swear . pleaseee dont go no matter how long how far i will waiting for you ,, everyday i pray for us .  i dont want to loose you :')

 did you still remember that text you gift to me '' anggaplah ini dugaan dlm hubungan  kita,mungkin tuhan dngr isi hati i, yang i sayang hubungan kita,mungkin dia sedang uji sekuat mana hubungan kita.sabar je yg mampu sayang buat tuhan sentiasa bersama orang yang sabar. sayang yakin dan percaya one day hari kita akan senang bersama''  
bila bie bce text ni hati bie degup kencang sayang. i nver gonna leave you sayang , susah senang kita bersama.
i want u to know that bie sangat ikhlas dengan sayang .. i want make u happy ,if you happy i will be happy to  
dadyy love you so much mummy :) <3