happy anniversary sayang

  oh my love Aliza yes this person always make me fall in love.. hehehe blom ppe da ketawa ok ok  , i just wanna says i love you ,, you the only one sangat sangat faham bie , sayangg you my world you my sweetheart like you my everything .. ,i thank god to have you .. only you in my heart.without you i feel i have nothing in my lfe .sayang buat bie slalu ketawa, gilaa , and pling byk buat bie geram... haha.
i think want spennnnnnnnnnnnnnt my money for our wedding ahaha walaupun lmbt lgi insya allah. you the one person i trusted please dont break my heartt

 sayang i always stick to my promise. i want take care of you loving you sincerely,walaupun pon kita jarang berjumpa bie ada tanggungjawab ambil berat dekat sayang. on thing bie akan selalu faham ur situation. sometimse pengorbanan tu perlu ada kalau sayang dkt seseorang itu, i will do anything for you.. to get to you. i just love you who you are.sayang tahu betapa bie sayangnya sangat dkt sayang .i pray to god i want this relationship kekal sampai ke anak cucu cicit akhir nafas kita.nothing gonna change my love to you  

                                                                                                                      Love, NIK