SATURDAY 19 2011

               dear Aliza,  I want you to know...

oh my love i have no words to says i love you more than you know...i want you to be with me and want you know i cant live without you.i want to see you like everyday of life..:') u have being part of day will not complete without ur text ur voices ur word to says that u love me sayang :')  
           i dont need anybody else i really want is you. if i can see you i will keep running to youuu to get you.. i really miss you.i want you to hold me sayang. i pray pray and pray i want you to stay love me dont let me go.
i promise to keep our promise yah promise errrr i want kiss your forehead..look at ur eyes that i really want you right now. 
                                           I LOVE MY GIRL AND MY GIRL LOVE ME.